Work Opportunity In France

Working in France while study

Students from inside the EU are entitled to work while studying in France if they are enrolled at an institution that provides access to the student social security scheme.

For other foreign students, since 2007 the student residence card has replaced the need to get temporary authorisation to work in France. Foreign students can also work up to 60% of the statutory annual work time, the equivalent of a maximum of 964 hours per year.

Students studying in France are allowed to work within a limited number of hours.

There is a cap of 884 hours per any given year, during an academic year they may not work more than 19.5 hours per week but while on vacation they are allowed to work full-time or 39 hours per week.

Students who wish to work in France must obtain prior authorization from the French ministry of labour.

Internship in France

Student placements or “stage” is considered essential in France and many students have to take one or two different types of work placements during their study years. The duration of these internships varies, but commonly these are 2 to 6 months. It is not uncommon to do an internship during university studies in the third or fourth years but increasingly graduates are taking on work experience jobs once they have finished studying. The internship can be seen as a prolonged “job interview” where the prospects of getting hired after this period are high.

Foreign National Student Internship Program (FNSIP)

The Foreign National Student Internship Program is only open to non-U.S. citizens who are legally resident in France and who are enrolled in post baccalaureate programs at a college or university. The Foreign National Student Internship Program is a Gratuitous Service Program (unpaid) and is limited to a maximum internship period of 2 months during either the Summer (May to October) or Winter (November to April) cycle.

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