Why Study In UK

Gain a world-class education

UK education is all about giving you the inspiration to develop your knowledge and skills, the freedom to be creative, and the support to help you achieve your best.

UK schools, colleges and universities offer you a world-class education – the chance to follow your passion for learning and gain qualifications that are respected by employers and academics worldwide.

On a UK course you will benefit from excellent teaching and facilities – in order to accept students, UK schools, colleges and universities must meet strict quality standards set by the UK government and education bodies.

With such a strong reputation for research and education, UK universities and colleges attract some of the world’s leading academics and industry professionals. You will be encouraged to express your own ideas and think for yourself.

Open the doors to your dream career

UK courses give you the skills, qualifications and connections you need for your chosen career.

UK qualifications are respected and valued by employers worldwide, giving you the edge when you are applying for jobs. According to the Tracking International Graduate Outcomes report (BIS, 2011), UK-educated international graduates achieve markedly higher average salaries than if they had been educated at home.

One of the reasons why employers value UK qualifications is because of the focus on skills for the workplace. Many UK courses are designed in partnership with businesses and are taught by industry professionals, so you will gain real experience for your future career. Some courses give you the chance to do a work placement as part of your studies too, working for a business, charity or public sector organisation.

Perfect your English

Did you know that the UK is the number one destination worldwide for English language study? Each year, 600,000 students from around the world come to the UK to do an English language course, and many more come to study another subject – such as Maths, Fashion or Engineering – knowing that their English language skills will improve at the same time.

Have the adventure of a lifetime

Studying in the UK is a chance to discover its unique culture, cities and countryside. Across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there’s so much to experience. Luckily, the UK is easy to travel around.

Study your own way

UK education gives you the chance to choose a course that matches your ambitions and interests, and study in a way that suits you. With thousands of UK courses on offer, you can follow your passions and gain a qualification that will help you in your chosen career.

Many UK courses have a ‘modular’ structure. This means you can build a personalised course by choosing modules or units of study from different subject areas. For example, if you are studying for a bachelor’s degree in English literature, you could choose one module on Science fiction, one module on Children’s literature, and one module on Short stories. If you are interested in more than one subject, you may be able to study a combination as part of your course – for example, English literature and psychology.

Get great value for money

When it comes to starting your career, UK qualifications are a great boost to your salary as well as your CV. According to the Tracking International Graduate Outcomes survey (BIS), international students educated in the UK achieve significantly higher salaries after they graduate, on average, than if they had been educated at home.

Discover, create, innovate!

The UK is one of the most exciting and productive places in the world for research, creativity and innovation. If you have a passion for learning and want to be at the forefront of your subject, this is the place to be.

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