Living In France

General Life as a Student in France

Students attending a France university are exposed to the amazing French culture in their daily student life. While studying, students can look forward to a wonderfully interactive environment that brings students together from across the globe. With the many different people from all around the world attending college in France, it is certainly a new experience that can provide you with a plethora of fun and adventure. It isn’t every day that we get the chance to come together with such a diverse group of people, so it is a time to learn and grow as a person while you learn so much.

Universities organize shows and hold conferences, seminars, parties and sporting and other outdoor activities as part of the student lifestyle. While the things that are put together will vary according to the college that you have chosen to attend, you can be certain there is a calendar filled with activities that can entertain all. Colleges want their students to learn but they also want them to have a great time in the process. Life cannot be serious all of the time. All of the activities planned by colleges and universities offer plenty of fun for you.

Students can certainly enjoy living their life in France as a student. There is never a dull day in the life of students who attend colleges in France. Whether you are at school studying and learning or at home ready to get out and experience the wonders of the country, you can always have a menu full of wonderful things to choose from.

Health and Medical Treatment in France

Another consideration to keep in mind while you are in France is your health. You may need to visit an emergency facility or hospital for any type of accident or injury, at any given time. If you are not a resident of the country, the costs of such a visit can be quite high. International insurance is not accepted, of course.

The French government offers a health care program, and since it is mandatory that all residents and international guests alike be covered under such a plan, you should do this before you physically arrive in the country.

All international students who will be in France are required to have health insurance, either public or private. Many international students are eligible to take part in their universal health care coverage, though this is dependent upon factors such as age, country of origin, and length of their degree program.

To be eligible for the national health insurance program offered in France, students must be :

  • Under the age of 28 by October 1st of the current University year
  • Enrolled on a degree program for a period of 4 months or longer
  • Have a home country that is outside of the European Union or Switzerland

Climate in France

France has a temperate climate, with weather that differs between four different regions. The North of France including Paris, has hot summer and cold winters, whilst the South enjoys a Mediterranean climate of mild winters and hot summers. The Alps and the Pyrenees have cold winters which are great for skiing and other winter sports.

Accommodation in France

One of the most important things that you need to decide once you know you are going to study in France is where you will live while you are there. France has numerous housing options available to students, but not all of them are created the same. It is a good idea to check out your options before you leave so that you are prepared with a great place to call home while you are studying.

There are numerous options available to help make this happen. It is a good idea to take a look at a few of the options that you have before making your selection. When this is done you can find a place that is affordable to your budget as well as something that meets all of your requirements and desires. This is important to have when you are travelling so far from home and your comfort zone.

Of course, you can always opt to stay in a hotel while you are in France, but this option can become quite expensive. Hotels usually charge nightly rates, and let’s face facts here, if you’re staying in a hotel, this can become quite boring and bring about a feeling of homesickness very quickly. There is no way for you to cook for yourself if you choose to stay in a hotel and eating out at a restaurant can certainly add to the expense very quickly. If it is a hotel that you are interested in, be sure to check out a variety of choices before making a selection, so that you get the best priced hotel that meets your needs.

A more affordable and more ample option to take would be to stay in an extended stay hotel which offers weekly and monthly rates. These extended stay hotels make you feel more at home and are much more affordable to any budget. Usually the extended stay hotel options in the country include all of your utilities in the rental rate, as well as other features including kitchenettes and business areas/living spaces. You will have a phone, a bed, a kitchen and a living area so you feel more like being at home; as well as having the space to move about freely without feeling constricted to one area.

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