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Graduate programs in France

France has a strong reputation for teaching excellence in postgraduate study and is one of the top destinations on Europe for international students looking for graduate programs.

French universities regularly rank highly for graduate study in global league tables especially in the fields of science and the humanities.

In these fields postgraduate programs in France are at the forefront of innovative research and techniques, offering a dynamic and exciting place to study.

Postgraduate courses in France combine both tradition and modernity, with a strong focus on quality facilities and teaching.

Masters Degrees in France

French higher education is based on the "LMD system"—licence, master, doctorate (one leading to another)—now used throughout the European Union and also referred to as the Bologna system. This system includes a credit transfer system (ECTS – European Credit Transfer System) which is designed to facilitate student mobility within Europe and around the world.

A Masters in France is normally 2 years in duration, although unlike UK Masters which are delivered over 12 months without a break, Masters in France are delivered over two 9-months periods with a summer break (often used, however, for professional experience). The academic year begins in September or October and ends in May or June, depending on the institution and program. The two semesters are divided by a short break during the Christmas holidays with examinations taking place at the end of each semester.

The 2-year Masters can be an advantage if you come from a country where recognition of a 1-year Masters is difficult (like India or Norway). French Masters are equivalent to 120 ECTS credits obtained through modules taken over 4 semesters.

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