Do you have a desire to study or work in foreign lands? You would like the assistance of a skilled immigration advisor, a decent IELTS score and facilitate for obtaining the most effective admission steering.

"DAFFODILS " provides proper steerage to their students to seek out solutions best suited to their profile or parameters making certain them for selecting the most effective career Path.

Daffodils Consultants was laid the foundations with an endeavor to provide professional and best solutions to individuals interested in studying to different countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Germany & France.

We've a determined approach to assist you with every stage of the process, whether it's to provide immigration guidance, IELTS coaching, or crafting professional advancement to suit each profile.


Over the past few years, Daffodils has built a stature for best IELTS coaching in Kurukshetra. At Daffodils, We provide pragmatic and effective IELTS training.

At first, we put the aspirants through an orientation, describing all the particulars of the IELTS exam and its components. Students/Aspirants can join a batch of their choice after grasping all the details of the exam. Classes are available as per aspirants convenience.

IELTS has two modules i.e Academic Module and General module, and the test has 4 parts

1. Listening 2. Reading 3. Writing 4. Speaking.

Total exam time is about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

We have experts for each part of the exam, who provide careful guidance to the students. For practice, Take home study material is provided to students along with samples answers scripts.

What makes Daffodils best in the field of IELTS institute is the fact that each student gets attention individually. It helps to figure it out their problem areas and trained them in all other modules daily. Different sessions are provided to students in which they listen to recordings and read passage in prescribed time.

Various tasks are given to students to enhance their skills and vocabulary. Daily listening and reading sessions are held under the expert supervision. At the end of each section, performance feedback is given to each student. To build confidence and improve their fluency regular speaking sessions are held.

We analysis their skill and language proficiency which helps us to figure out any room for improvement. We design our coaching time and method after the analysis, the duration of training may vary from 1 week to 3 months accordingly.


We have well qualified and the committed academic faculty. They provide regular feedback and assistance to the aspirants. Each student gets personal attention from our faculty member right after their joining till the end of the training. Our faculty provides various tips and tricks to crack the exam with the best scores.


  • Authorized IELTS registration center
  • Well equipped Lab, headphones for listening
  • Take home study and Practice Material
  • Overwhelming Success rate
  • Inclusive E-Library
  • Regular MOCK IELTS Tests
  • FREE Spoken English & Grammar Classes
  • Vigorous Interview Practice Session
  • Audio-Visual sessions
  • Convenient Classes Timings


Daffodils Consultants offer expert guidance to the people have the desire to study or work in abroad. We are determined in nurturing each aspirants career path best suited to their parameters/profiles. We act as an amenable source for quality education consultants for our aspirant and their families.

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